Sci Fi Sunday

This week I was naughty and bought the 'Stargate SG1: The Ultimate Visual Guide' book. It's been sitting in my basket on Amazon for ages but I never could bring my self to actually buy it. I just always thought it was a bit too far to go in my obsession but in the end I didn't care :) It's so cool! I haven't read it all yet but I also haven't learnt anything new (I don't know if that's a good thing) apart from Colonel O'niell's blood type, and that my DHD replica is backwards :/ It came with a dvd full of behind the scenes stuff and interviews which I've watched. In the book they have a language section where you can learn Goa'uld!! I'm sooo doing that!! haha!! I also bought 'The Sewing Book' which is like the bible of stitches and sewing techniques, It's fantastic! I can't wait to sit at my sewing machine and try them out and actually be able make the things I want to make with the proper techniques :)

Today I have been nursing a slight hangover and achy jaw, so I've been sat at home in front of the telly all day just chilling out. Tomorrow I'm going to see a friends band play in the Matthew Street Festival. It should be a great day out and in the evening my family is finally taking me out for me birthday :)


Heaven is made of Lego

I went to Liverpool with my Nan the other day and I stumbled across this. A LEGO SHOP!! I was (and still am) in complete awe of this shop. It was like walking into a candy shop but instead of sweeties....it was lego bricks :D The walls were chock full of building goodies and It took all I had not to buy the £280 Death Star (My student finance would of been spent before I even get it!) The picture shows just the Star Wars section....it was immense! The whole back wall of the shop was like a pick'n'mix but with every kind of lego brick you can imagine...If your a Lego Lover like me I hope you appreciate the awesomeness that I've experienced. With my purse being full of moths at the moment I couldn't get an actual model but I did get 2 really cool lego man key rings for my new keys :)

Today has been such a beautiful sunny that when it suddenly started to thunder and lightning and absolutely pour down it was a bit of a shock. I tried to take photos but it was too dark so I had to use the flash. It was so cool cause the flash lit up the rain and it looked like snow! We just got the drains re-done so at least we know they work properly :P

Today was a great day. The whole family (minus one or two) got together for a BBQ. It was really special because we live all over the country and hardly ever get time do do things as a family (there are 27 of us) so to have most of us in one place is rare. We had a lot of fun laughing and eating delicious food. Recently I've been feeling really down and lonely, not my normal self at all, and to be surrounded by my family who have supported me in all my decisions (good and bad) was just so reassuring. The fact that no matter what happens my family will always stick by me and love me no matter what. I filled them in on what has been happening with me the last few months and the love and loyalty they showed me was just amazing, I love them all so much :D

Themed Thursday

Well this weeks Themed Thursday is wedding flowers. My dads fiance is going a bit crazy trying to arrange their wedding so I've been helping out with decorations, colours and all that jazz. I've been pruning over loads of flower ideas to help her and get inspiration for colours and stuff. She doesn't have a clue about what she wants for the wedding at all, and since I've had mine planned out since I was a little girl, I have loved giving her help and sharing all my ideas :) (all pics are from my pinterest. I don't own any of them. All rights to the owner)


Wordy Wednesday

Howdy folks! Here are some more inspiring words from my collection :) This is just a random jumble because its almost Thursday as I forgot to do the post earlier!!

Today was great!! I went to Liverpool shopping and snapped up some well god bargains :) Also my cousin and her boyfriend are down for the weekend and I haven't seen them in for ever so I'm really looking forward to the weekend :)

What are your plans for the weekend?


Bath Time

Yesterday we had a fun time bathing the pigs. They were so dirty from being out in the garden all summer that we just had to give them a good scrub. Needless to say they hated it :P They defiantly are not water Guinea Pigs. They were sliding and scrambling it was so funny to watch them. They really weren't happy when dad got the shower out and rinsed them off!! We wrapped them up in towels after so they wouldn't get cold and they got so fluffy. They looked like little fluff balls. There probably dirty again already seen as they were in the run today. I don't think they'll be wanting to have a bath again any time soon though :P

It's exactly two weeks till I go back to uni!! I'm so excited about going back and actually getting to live on my own (but with other people) again. No matter how much I love being home and being around my family and friends I do love living on my own and fending for myself. I also cant wait to start arting again. I have so many ideas for my 3rd year that I have no idea what to do!! I need to do some serious thinking in the next two weeks!!

Bookworm Monday

Well my reading has been extremely lacking of late. But last night I started on my ever growing pile of books that I keep forgetting about. I started on Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer. I read Nightshade (the first one) last year and I read it in a night so when I first started Wolfsbane I really struggled to remember what the first one was about, but I got there in the end. I love it that it goes straight to where it left off. I hate it when a book starts a few months after where the first left off...it makes me feel like I've missed a whole chunk of the journey. As soon as I'd got my bearings I was right back in it and the excitement starts from the very beginning. I'm only up to chapter 15 but it's getting hard to put it down so I think that It will be finished very soon :P

Other books that I've got to read are Passion by Lauren Kate, The Green Rider by Kristen Britain and a few chick-lit books and a few older books that I've had for years and never got round to reading. I start Uni in 2 1/2 weeks so I think i'll keep a few books so when I go back I'll have a few to read so I don't waste my loan on books :D

What are you reading this week? Do you have any book habits like buying more books than you can read?


Sci Fi Sunday

I have been lacking on my Sci Fi-ness of late. The Rise Of Planet of the Apes and Super 8 have been recent releases on big screen and I haven't seen either of them!! I keep making plans to see them but then something else comes up or its sold out so we have to go see Captain America...again :P So hopefully I'll be able to go see both this week cause I'll be quite upset if I don't see at least one of them! AND Cowboys and Aliens came out...I'm really falling behind! Might have to have a word with these film people and tell them to slow down a bit and let me catch up haha!

But this week something quite exciting happened! I finally ordered the Stargate SG1: The Ultimate Guide (eeeek)

(I hate it when you cant get a clear picture!!)

So I suppose the only logical thing to do would be to have a Stargate Sci-Fi Sunday :) This time round I'll post some behind the scenes stuff because I love to see how much fun it was to make, all though it does make me want to have been apart of it :( (all photos belong to MGM www.stargate.mgm.com I didn't take any of them all credit to the owner)

These are just from Seasons 8-10. I'll probably do another few with the other seasons at some point :) I've almost finished watching the whole thing again, I'm on season 8, I think I've watched it through about 5 times I think...I really need to get a new hobby :P

Well I'm off to bake some cupcakes! I hope every one has had a lovely weekend!!