Tugging On My Heartstrings

....Or guitar strings!! (see what I did there?!)

Meet Ted, the latest addition to my family of inanimate objects. I bought Ted at a little music shop in my town that was closing down. I was just walking back when I saw the closing down signs and just went in. I had wanted a guitar for a while so I could write music for my songs but I didn't have any intention on buying one any time soon, especially with out even giving it a second thought. We went in and I had my eye on this gorgeous little Spanish Traveling Guitar for £65. It was a little expensive but it was so cute!

And then the guy bought this beast out and I knew he was the one :P He's so chubby and cute and best of all he was £35!! So now I have a guitar which I don't know how to play :P But I have a friend who has said he'd teach me so hopefully I'll be a guitar whiz in a few weeks :P

These are my snazzy new boots that I just thought I'd take a quick snap of whilst taking snaps of Ted. There THE most comfiest boots I've ever worn. I've worn them for two days straight and walked a lot in them. I don't think i'll be wearing anything else for a while now :)

This evening I had a little baking session. I had a lot of things on my mind and baking always helps me to have a little think and relax. I made a complete mess though, but baking isn't baking without getting flour all over the walls! I wore my cute little cupcake apron (it's the only reason why I bake!) I made little rhubarb crumble tarts and chocolate chip muffins:)

I'm watching the Sci Fi Horror Species at the moment and it just reminded me about the list I was supposed to have done!! I completely forgot!! I'll have to do it next week instead cause I'm busy busy busy this weekend!!

Do you like to bake? Whats your thing to do that makes you relax and de-stress?

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  1. Your cupcake apron is soooooo cute!!!

    It's so you. :)

    The Cat Hag
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