Please Listen

This has nothing to do with me, non of my family have had it, no one I know has had it and I don't have it. But. This is very very important and I think that everyone should listen and take in what is said. I regularly check my self for lumps, bumps, marks and moles and I believe that everyone should do the same. I think that this stuff is not advertised enough and young people don't have a clue what to look out for or what to do. Society shy's away from it all because its scary and no one really wants to deal with it, but I know so many people who have caught Cancer early (not this type) and beaten it. My dad being one of them I know how hard it is when some one you love and care about has something life threatening. It's scary as hell and you wounder why and how it could of happened to them. But let me tell you that even though it was hard and emotionally draining it would of been 100x worse if it had been too late. So please check yourself regally and get to know your body. It might seem stupid and embarrassing but one day it could save your life.

Please post this video on your blog/twitter/facebook/tumblr. Spread the word and you never know. You might even save a life.

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