Themed Thursday

This vibrant makeup.

This sweet little bird.

These spectacular rolling hills.

These adorable pair of pears.

This completely over powering but rather spectacular room.

This stylish lady in green.

This cool little car filled with apples.

These oh so sweet peas in a pod.

So this week's Themed Thursday is green!! I love green, especially the green of the hills! It just looks so yummy I just want to eat it up! Surprisingly there wasn't much green around the interweb, I thought there would be loads for some reason. So not as many pics this week (could be a good thing, could not) I would love to be able to do my make up like that! Maybe without the lips....maybe red lips, make it really clash! I might have to try that for halloween...give me a lot of time to practice :)

Well tomorrow is a busy day! Up early to take dad to the hospital in Liverpool and then have a browse around the shops for a little while. I'm going to go to the big waterstones (as usual) and look at the craft books then have a root in HMV for some new CDS :D So hopefully it will stay nice, even though its pouring down now, hope remains! In the evening I'll be at Nana's crafting and having a natter with Nan.

I'm thinking of doing a new fortnightly post, seen as Weekly Wednesday is no more, so stay tunned for that...maybe popping up on you computer screens in the coming weeks :) Well its getting quite late so I shall love you and leave you....

Anybody have any suggestions they would like to see as a Themed Thursday? What are your favourite places to go on a little shopping spree?

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  1. When I was (a lot) younger, we used to have tons of cars like the apple-one around here (I'm talking 15+ years ago!), I still like them for some reason, even though.. they may be very very ugly. :P


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