Themed Thursday

I seem to be going through the colours at the moment for my Themed Thursday...and seen as i'm quite a colourfull person it seems appropriate. It's so hard to find things in certain colours! As soon as I think 'right i'll choose that (insert colour here) all the things that are that colour seem to wonder out my brain and I can't remember anything! But this week it's Orange! I've never been too keen on orange but recently I seem to be drawn to burnt orange :S I have always wanted an orange kitchen though...

This cool Porsche!.

This amazing pumpkin!.

These beautifully painted gold fish.

This cute origamisquirrel.

This lovely vibrant rose.

These orange tulips.

This gorgeous fiery hair.

This quaint little bedroom.

This great little satchel.

These narley nails.

These awesome mad hatter eyebrows!.

This sad but hilarious cartoon.

These beautiful heels.

So there we have it and orange Themed Thursday....I want to eat an orange now :) I hope you all have a very happy Thursday (only a week till Harry Potter!!) It's lovely and sunny here but there is a huge black cloud looming over and it's probably be gonna be very heavy rain later :( Today i'm going to be making making making :) Last night I prepped all my fabric and now I just have to sew it all together!

My very exciting news I was supposed to share yesterday didn't come through so hopefully today I'll get a response....I can't take the suspense any more!!

Is there a specific colour that you'd like me to do next week? Any one going to the HP premier?


  1. Tangerine is the shade for me :)

  2. Oh yeah, this is a colour I love! Even though the only things I own in this colour are headband, nail polish and my endless love for Dutch national football team (who are called the Oranges and play in orange shirts -- the football geek has spoken haha :D)

    I've seen GUYS with orange hair. Now that was fierce!


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