Sci Fi Sunday

So I've been thinking about what to do on this Sci Fi Sunday spot for a while and I've finally decided. I'm still going to do all the Star Wars/Star Trek/Stargate/Film review stuff on Sundays but I have also decided to set my self a challenge. To watch all the old classic Sci Fi films. And I mean all of them! Next week I'm going to write a list (with the help of my dad) of all Sci Fi/Fantasy films and then watch them and write a little post about them. I've seen some of them but I have always wanted to watch all, or as many as I can. This will also give me something to write about that is something that I love! I hope, seen as you follow my blog and you know I'm a total Sci Fi geek, that you are in some way or another, one too and will appreciate these little trips in to Sci Fi/Fantasy history.

So from now on in the week after I've watch said film(s) I'll write posts like 'Challenge: The Black Hole' or 'Challenge: Lost In Space' or 'Challenge: Krull', it might take a while for me to get into it as I will most likely have to purchase them my self (oh well :P) But for now I will start with the ones I already own :) So for now...I leave you with pictures of Stargate because I just watched a whole disc and its now 5am (eeek) Goodnight xox


Yes I do realize that Daniel is in most of these picks.....I'm not complaining :P

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