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Well this week is a busy one for the Sci-Fi/movie geeks. The new Transformers movie, new Hobbit pictures and next week is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2!! So what to start with first....I think the Hobbit, as I am very very excited about this film!

This is John Callen as Oin and Peter Hambleton as Gloin

This is Nori, Dori and Ori played by Jed Brophy, Mark Hadlow and Adam Brown
I love these pictures. Especially Oin and Gloin, I think they look amazing and just totally like I pictured them in my head whilst reading The Hobbit. The others...not so much. The hair?! What is going on with the triangle hair?! I dunno. I know there supposed to be funny and they are obviously intended to bring a little humor to the film but I don't think I like the look of them from these initial pictures. I'm very much looking forward to The Hobbit and will be on the look out for any new pictures and news coming our way.

Well...What a load of trollop. I know most of you aren't going to agree with me and most of the people I have talked to haven't agreed with me but I just thought It was awful. All though saying that the things I hated about the first two were the best bits in the third one. The effects were greatly improved and I didn't get a headache or want to cover my eyes at all so that was great. And I suppose the effects and the 'transforming' is the only reason you go to see a Transformers film so in the respects....yeh I enjoyed it and it was much better. But the awful characters, lines, acting and story was just eye watering-ly bad. I don't even remember anything about the film...I think I must of blocked it from my memory. But i'm not saying don't go see it because chances are you'll like it. I just don't and am highly critical of Sci-Fi films.
I cant believe that Harry Potter has finally come to an end. Now I am a Harry Potter fan to the very core. I have basically lived HP my whole life and the fact that it is ending makes me very sad. I booked my ticket the other day!! Me and my friend got tickets to the part 1 and 2 back to back viewing. It start at 9.30pm on Thursday and ends at 2am on Friday...that's hardcore!

Well this week has been crazy stressy but quite productive. I started on my shop and have built up quite a inventory, this week i'll be continuing doing that most days and trying to get as much stuff ready for me to open my shop (more on that this week :)....so excited to finally get to tell everyone the big plan!) Of course i'll be seeing the new Harry Potter and this weekend I'm visiting a friend. Were going to have a great girly weekend having coffee, watching films and crafting. Cant wait!

What did you think of Transformers? Looking forward to Harry Potter?

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  1. Literally just come back from TRANSFORMERS......

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