Bookworm Monday

Honey! I'm home!

What a weekend! Tomorrow I'm gonna do a post all about my lovely weekend in Preston but for now my usual 'Bookworm Monday'

This week I'm in the middle of two books! Forever by Maggie Stiefvater and The Beach Cafe by Lucy Diamond. I have been waiting for Forever for...well forever hahaha! So far so good. It's so frustrating though because the characters are so desperate and I just want everything to go right for them and it isn't! I've been with these characters since the first book and they've been through so much I just wish they'd have a break. But I suppose that wouldn't make exciting reading and it is quite exciting. It took quite a while to get into and I'm half way through and nothing has really happened but when it's the last book in the series you can forgive the slow start and lack of story because you just want to know what happens to the characters in the end!

The Beach Cafe was an impulse buy. I had just read Rumor Has it by Jill Mansell and had an overwhelming urge to read another chick lit book. So I bought 6...as usual waaay over board on the book buying (i'm sure its a disease!) Any way I'm about half way through and I know exactly whats going to happen but I love it! It's just a nice change from my usual reads. I'll have full reviews when there finished next week :)

What are you reading this week? Whats your favourite genre?

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