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This week I started I Am Legend. This is another of the Goodreads book group that I joined monthly reads. I watched the film way back in 2007 and cant say I really enjoyed it. It was a bit dull and had a rubbish ending and I just wasn't blown away by it. But Will Smith was amazing and I will watch it again and again because he is so brilliant in it! But any way....off the point. I wasn't really looking forward to reading this book because I didn't like the film that much but I'm only a few pages in and I love it already. It is so different to the book! The whole story is different. The main character, the situation and the actual vampires are completely different. I mean I am only a few pages in so ill be able to say more on it next week but I'm struggling to actually see what part the film was based on. But hey, I think i'm gonna really enjoy this book and cant wait to get further in it. Also waiting for some eagerly awaited book releases this week so I'm sure ill be buying some books this week :)
What are you reading this week? Waiting for anything special?

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  1. I loved "I Am Legend" and it's one of my favorite vampire books. When I heard that the movie totally veered away from the book I decided not to watch it. I thought it was brilliant the way he approached vampires in a scientific way. What did you end up thinking of it? I was wondering, after perusing your bookshelf section, if you are on Goodreads. I'm on there too! This is my page if you are interested in following one another. I love seeing what others are reading! Cheers!


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