All Aboard The Train To Nowhere

Here is an outfit post from the other day when I went to Nanas. I had gone with the intention of crafting all day but Gladyis (the sewing machine...I have a habbit of naming inanimate objects..) decided she didn't want to play, I have to take her to the shop and get her seen to :/ So I ended up out is the sun all day helping Nana with gardening. Life is so tuff :P I really wish my SLR was fixed because Nana's garden is gorgeous in the sunshine (excuse the washing) Nana decided she wanted a go on my camera and with typical Nana-ness, pointed the camera at her and took the photo and asked if this was the way you point it? So I had to teach her basic camera skills 101. So, with the camera pointing the right way, we took some snaps. I absolutely hate what I'm wearing here, this is just my lounge-in-the-sun-all-day look...It was never supposed to be seen my human eyes! But I thought Nana did a good job and I like the setting so they turned out much better than I suspected. The top is so huge on me! I got it two sizes too big because I wanted it for a skirt that needed a baggier top but I wear it every now and then with shorts but it just doesn't do anything for me unless with the skirt, or on its own with leggins. The shorts I've had for aaages and I only wear them around the house really. So not my most favourite outfit I must say :P I had loads of fun doing the shoot though...I love the little shed at the bottom of the garden with its little porch. So cute!

So yeh...this is my Nana :) She is my world and I love her to bits! I tell her everything, or she has a way of making me tell her everything :P I love spending time with her she truly is one of by bestest friends in the whole world! She has looked after me so well and is always there to comfort me, or give me a stern telling off. I'm so grateful for having such a close relationship with her and she has been my rock, and now I am only too happy to be hers.

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