Tugging On My Heartstrings

....Or guitar strings!! (see what I did there?!)

Meet Ted, the latest addition to my family of inanimate objects. I bought Ted at a little music shop in my town that was closing down. I was just walking back when I saw the closing down signs and just went in. I had wanted a guitar for a while so I could write music for my songs but I didn't have any intention on buying one any time soon, especially with out even giving it a second thought. We went in and I had my eye on this gorgeous little Spanish Traveling Guitar for £65. It was a little expensive but it was so cute!

And then the guy bought this beast out and I knew he was the one :P He's so chubby and cute and best of all he was £35!! So now I have a guitar which I don't know how to play :P But I have a friend who has said he'd teach me so hopefully I'll be a guitar whiz in a few weeks :P

These are my snazzy new boots that I just thought I'd take a quick snap of whilst taking snaps of Ted. There THE most comfiest boots I've ever worn. I've worn them for two days straight and walked a lot in them. I don't think i'll be wearing anything else for a while now :)

This evening I had a little baking session. I had a lot of things on my mind and baking always helps me to have a little think and relax. I made a complete mess though, but baking isn't baking without getting flour all over the walls! I wore my cute little cupcake apron (it's the only reason why I bake!) I made little rhubarb crumble tarts and chocolate chip muffins:)

I'm watching the Sci Fi Horror Species at the moment and it just reminded me about the list I was supposed to have done!! I completely forgot!! I'll have to do it next week instead cause I'm busy busy busy this weekend!!

Do you like to bake? Whats your thing to do that makes you relax and de-stress?


All Aboard The Train To Nowhere

Here is an outfit post from the other day when I went to Nanas. I had gone with the intention of crafting all day but Gladyis (the sewing machine...I have a habbit of naming inanimate objects..) decided she didn't want to play, I have to take her to the shop and get her seen to :/ So I ended up out is the sun all day helping Nana with gardening. Life is so tuff :P I really wish my SLR was fixed because Nana's garden is gorgeous in the sunshine (excuse the washing) Nana decided she wanted a go on my camera and with typical Nana-ness, pointed the camera at her and took the photo and asked if this was the way you point it? So I had to teach her basic camera skills 101. So, with the camera pointing the right way, we took some snaps. I absolutely hate what I'm wearing here, this is just my lounge-in-the-sun-all-day look...It was never supposed to be seen my human eyes! But I thought Nana did a good job and I like the setting so they turned out much better than I suspected. The top is so huge on me! I got it two sizes too big because I wanted it for a skirt that needed a baggier top but I wear it every now and then with shorts but it just doesn't do anything for me unless with the skirt, or on its own with leggins. The shorts I've had for aaages and I only wear them around the house really. So not my most favourite outfit I must say :P I had loads of fun doing the shoot though...I love the little shed at the bottom of the garden with its little porch. So cute!

So yeh...this is my Nana :) She is my world and I love her to bits! I tell her everything, or she has a way of making me tell her everything :P I love spending time with her she truly is one of by bestest friends in the whole world! She has looked after me so well and is always there to comfort me, or give me a stern telling off. I'm so grateful for having such a close relationship with her and she has been my rock, and now I am only too happy to be hers.

One Lovely Blog and Best Blog award

I had such a lovely surprise in my inbox today.
Cait from Sailing To Nowhere had awarded me the 'One Lovely Blog' and 'Best Blog' award!! I was so chuffed and surprised as I thought no one really bothered with my blog. I don't think you ever realize just how many people read a blog even if they don't follow or comment. This means quite a lot, that some one enjoys my blog just as much as I enjoy writing it :) and if they were the only people to ever read it...I would still keep on writing :)

Now as I believe is the way I have to answer some questions and then write 7 facts about myself and pass the award on...so! here goes....

What is your favourite colour?
I love all colours, but seen as that's probably an easy way out...I adore Mustard Yellow...yummy!

What is your favourite song?
I hate this question!! erm at the moment its Foy Vance - Indiscriminate Act Of Kindness...........and Jon Mclaughlin - Indiana. (oh come on you couldn't expect me to pick just one!)

What is your favourite desert?
This is going to sound silly but I love Jelly and Ice Cream...I just cant eat it cause i'm allergic to jelly :( so if I had to choose one I can actually eat it would have to be Banoffee Pie....MMMMM

Whats pissing you off?
The floor...It's too hard. And boys...enough said.

Black or White?

When your upset you...
Listen to sad music and just cry it out

Biggest fear?
Cockroaches! (even spelling it gives me the heebie-jeebies!)

What is perfection?
Perfection doesn't exist. People spend their whole lives chasing it but I think you have to learn to love what your given and be content and happy no matter what...but when I was younger I used to think that the girls in the fims from the 50's where perfect :P

Guilty pleasure?
Hannah Montannah....I'm so ashamed *hangs head in shame*

Now! Seven facts about me....

1. I love Stargate
2. I love to bake cakes, they help me relax and de-stress
3. I once ate a sausage roll when I was vegetarian because I forgot it was sausage
4. Next year I'm going to Kentucky, America next year for 3 months and I have never been so excited in my whole life!
5. My family is my life. There are a whopping 22 of us...and thats just on my mums side!!
6. I hate cold custard
7. If I could go back in time I would go back to the 50's so I could wear all those beautiful dresses and be a proper house wife :)

The blogs I award these awards to are...

The Cat Hag
Little Chief Honey Bee
Sometimes Sweet
Delightfully Tacky
Inspirational Beauty


Flying With The Eagles

I haven't posted an Outfit post in ages! I haven't really worn or had the drive to wear anything nice lately. Just been wearing my sweats to lounge around and mope haha. But the other day I went to church and had to wear something better than PJ's or I might of got few funny looks. Sorry about the quality of the pictures too. As you know I busted my Digital SLR (stupid floor) so i'm having to use a standard digital camera. It isnt half bad but I miss my SLR so as soon as I get that fixed I can be done with these crappy pictures and use my tripod again :)

Here I was waiting for Helen to pick me up for church and It was gloriously sunny outside so I thought I'd take a few snaps of what I was wearing and also...the pigs :) This dress is one of my all time favourites and I will never get rid of it! I paired it with my babies, my Blowfish flats and some new lace footless tights. They were a bargain! £1.50 in the sale so I got three of the same pair just in different colours, blue, pink and cream. I absolutely adore this necklace and I wear it all the time. My poor other necklaces's must feel so left out :/ The belt I bought at a charity shop in my town and I love it! It reminds me of America...or will remind me of America once I go there next year :) I love the eagle and the old look it has. I accessorized with some bangles from Accessorize and a bag from River Island. I do love this outfit and it does tend to be my go to outfit/dress when I'm not feeling my other clothes. It makes me feel good no matter how bad I feel. This was also the first time I had styled my hair to be seen in public. I'm used to it short now. I had a little panic about two days after I got it all chopped off but I love it now :)

Footless tights-Marks & Spencers
Necklace-The Celtic Emporium
Bag-River Island
Glasses-Vision Express

The pigs were out in their pen and came to see what I was doing. Their so cute and cuddly...I just wish they liked to be picked up :P Do you like my tattoo? I know you cant see it properly but I keep forgetting to take a proper picture of it :S

Tomorrow is a town day with Nana and then probably just chilling in the garden as its supposed to be nice, even though i'm not gonna hold the weather people to it, it ALWAYS rains here.

What are your plans for this Tuesday? Do you own any unco-operative pets?


Bookworm Monday (spoilers)

Well I've been totally slacking this week with the reading :S And i'm also not very good on following up on books when I've finished them, I will try to be better I promise! This week (and last week) I finished The Beach Cafe by Lucy Diamond and Rumor Has It by Jill Mansel.


The Beach Cafe is about a woman, Evie (great name!) who inherits a beach cafe in Cornwall off her auntie. She has never been able to stick at anything in her life and has to make the decision to either stick it out and see if she can run it or sell up and become a teacher. She faces love and loss, tears and laughter and down right bizarre people and situations. It's such a heart felt story showing that you can do anything you want if you have passion on the drive to make your dreams come true.

I absolutely adore Evie, I think she is a great character and very relate-able. The rest of the characters are great and you can really see the bonds forming in front of your eyes. There are a few things that are a bit random and could probably have been taken out but they don't make the story too long or bad. It is a very predictable story line so I would say if you like to be surprised then maybe don't read it but if you love a good Chick lit/holiday read then I would recommend this definitely! I actually cried at the end because the feelings that Evie has and the way the story progresses to the end is so moving and joyous that if your a sop like me it will bring you to tears of happiness!

Rumor Has It is a great story that is very different from The Beach Cafe. It's about a woman (I forget her name :/) who's boyfriend dumps her so she moves to a little town to become a Girl Friday (a live in nanny) She quickly makes friends in the tiny town and meets a handsome guy who she instantly falls for. Unfortunately he turns out to have quite a reputation for one night stands. She instantly deems him off limits as she doesn't want to be another notch on his bedpost but his past soon comes to light and throws everything into perspective. She has to decide weather she is willing to take a chance.

I loved this book. It is so real. There's no sugar coating things and it reads like you would imagine it to actually happen. I love Jill Mansell and her style of writing. I wholly recommend her books even if your a bit wary of Chick lit.

So there we have it! I think i'm now up to date on my book reading reviews...I'm still reading Forever by Maggie Stiefvater, it seems to be taking forever (no pun intended) to read this silly little book. I can usually finish a book like that in about a day but i'm just not connecting with this one for some reason. Don't get me wrong i'm enjoying it but i'm glad it's the last one! I will have a review of that one by next Monday (and hopefully 1 or 2 more books!)

This week I'm doing lots of sewing, trying to get everything sorted out to show you my big news (eeek) and hang out with friends and family. I'm really looking forward to this week for some reason...maybe its going to be a good one :)

What books are you reading this week? Got any special plans for the week a head?

Sci Fi Sunday

So I've been thinking about what to do on this Sci Fi Sunday spot for a while and I've finally decided. I'm still going to do all the Star Wars/Star Trek/Stargate/Film review stuff on Sundays but I have also decided to set my self a challenge. To watch all the old classic Sci Fi films. And I mean all of them! Next week I'm going to write a list (with the help of my dad) of all Sci Fi/Fantasy films and then watch them and write a little post about them. I've seen some of them but I have always wanted to watch all, or as many as I can. This will also give me something to write about that is something that I love! I hope, seen as you follow my blog and you know I'm a total Sci Fi geek, that you are in some way or another, one too and will appreciate these little trips in to Sci Fi/Fantasy history.

So from now on in the week after I've watch said film(s) I'll write posts like 'Challenge: The Black Hole' or 'Challenge: Lost In Space' or 'Challenge: Krull', it might take a while for me to get into it as I will most likely have to purchase them my self (oh well :P) But for now I will start with the ones I already own :) So for now...I leave you with pictures of Stargate because I just watched a whole disc and its now 5am (eeek) Goodnight xox


Yes I do realize that Daniel is in most of these picks.....I'm not complaining :P


Dancing In The Street

Yesterday I went to Liverpool with my dad. It was great to spend some time with him as we haven't had much time to do anything the last few months with him being ill and me looking after Nana. It was so sunny and warm! We had a wonder round and a root in some shops. We were quite sad to see that Habitat is closing down (sad face) but had fun rummaging through the 'closing down sale' stuff. We still didn't find anything haha! We went to loads of coffee shops and basically did a coffee house crawl round the center. There was some kind of festival on (I don't know what it was for) and there were marches and bands all round the center. There were these amazing circus acts that were doing acrobatics on rings and stuff!

We sat in the little square watching everything going on for ages and drank slushies. There was this cool thing called 'Brush Boarding' which is kinda like surfing...but with brushes. I would of had a go if there hadn't of been so many people watching...my balance is non existent and would of made a huge fool of my self!
We went into a shop and I found an I Pad 2 to play with...we were taking photos on the photo booth app and it was hilarious! With dad being balled at the moment, well...you can see for your self.....

On the way home we stopped off at Crosby Beach and had ice cream with sherbet mmmm! We went for a stroll along the sand and had a look at Antony Gormley's Another Place. The weather was great and I had such a great day with my pops :) a

What are your plans for the weekend? Do you have a special daddy daughter/son day?