Weekly Wednesday

Well not much to say for this week as I've posted most things that I've taken photos of and I've been so busy that I haven't taken photos of anything else I've done :/ So here are some of my favourite bits from this week. Hopefully next week I'll get into the habit of carrying my camera round with me again!

Cute Dresses
I got quite a lot of clothes for my birthday so I've loved wearing all the new outfits I can make with them :) This is one of my favourite's that Beth bought me. I love the pattern and the material is so unusual.

My Beautiful Bar Men
This was a DIY bar that my mums husband Matt made for parties. We put it up in the back garden for my birthday and Matt and Peet acted as barmen and made us cocktails all evening....>
Adult Dr Pepper
This week also saw the discovery (for me anyway) of Dr Pepper...the alcoholic version!! 1 shot of Disaronno the rest is coke...Its amazing. I have found my new favourite drink :) and I drank alot of them but didn't get drunk...amazing haha!

New Nails
I love having nails and have had minimal success in the growing department so when Hollie took me to get my nails done it was so cool :) My lovely nails look fantastic but I need to go get them filled it and get them painted different :)

Ice Cream!
This was the first of many Mr Whippy ice creams this week. With flakes, red sauce and sherbert!!

What have you loved this week?

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