Victorian Blue

YEY! As you can see I have finally come to decision on my blog and finally made my self a template that suits me!! I have been waiting for someone to do it for me because I have no idea how to do HTML and CSS. Turns out you just need to get really frustrated and impatient and say 'sod it, ill just give it a go'....a few hours later slaving away over paint (of all things!) and this is what we get!! If id of known it was that simple id of been up and running from the get go but I was led to believe that it took the brains and skills of a HTML wizard to make it work. I'm so pleased with myself and a little bewildered that it came out so well with such little effort! I've still yet to work out the picture sizing and from now on ill try and size all the pictures the same but its just too much hassle to change the ones already posted...I might change them as I go but just so you don't think I'm a sloppy blogger it's just because I've changed all the layout and dimensions :)

So tell me what you think?

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