Themed Thursday

YELLOW! (my favourite colour!)

This mug is amazing!! I so want it!

Cute little ducky!

I love this scarf. Love the colour and the simplicity of it.

I've always wanted yellow converse but when ever I buy a new pair I never seem to go for the yellow ones....

Love the atmosphere of this picture. It makes me want to lie in a field and read :)

The decor of this room is my dream home....It's so light and happy :)

This will be my next nail varnish purchase...YELLOW!

I have tried and tried and TRIED to to yellow eye makeup. I just cant pull it off :(

This makes me want yellow hair again. Its so cool!

I know this cat isn't yellow but it is classed as a 'yellow' cat....and he was too cute not to include!! Look at his cute widdle face!

aaaah my dream car :).....what a beauty!

I'm in two minds about my house....It will either be a yellow house or have a yellow front door....I think this sways me to having a yellow house :)

I adore this dress! Its so pretty and flowey (not my usual style at all!) I just think it makes her look like a flower :)!

Whats your favourite colour?


  1. I have a yellow nail polish and it's fab! :)

  2. @Laura I think ill be purchasing some today :)


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