Themed Thursday

This Themed Thursday is all based on cars....specifically VW Beetle and Campervans (with a Royce thrown in for good measure) This week we got a new car because the old one broke down. Its only temporary thing till we get a proper new one (hopefully ill get this one when we do!!) And it got me thinking about my dream car which has always been a beetle or campervan! Iv always wanted a yellow beetle, so then I can name him Colonel Mustard :) Anyway these a re a few of my favourites lurking around the internet today....I WANT THEM ALL!!

I love the colour of this sexy Beetle. Its so vivid! Would defiantly be seen in this. Would have to get rid of the pink hair though....would clash a little too much!

I adore this colour and you get a matching bike! Who could ask for more!

I think this is actual material. Which wouldn't work but fantastic idea...maybe a coat of varnish or something would work....

This might just sway my mind from yellow to pink....

Adorable yellow campervan! (I love how the girl accessorizes with a yellow bag!)

This is an awesome idea! When you Beetle too banged up....use it as a flower pot!!

Nope....my choice stands firmly on yellow.

This must of taken hours! But I absolutely love it! If I had a Royce and could afford to potentially ruin it.....I would so do this!

Not very practical but I love it anyway :P

I don't really like modern Beetles but I love the pattern so it can be forgiven. Not too sure about the big brown thing on the front...think that ruins it.

So they are my dream cars. I would happily have any of them, any colour and time (but if anyone happens to have an old vintage Yellow VW Beetle just lying around....give me a call!)

Whats your dream car?

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