Themed Thursday

Wahooo! I'm back to my Themed Thursdays! My head has finally got back to some normality and seen as I'm getting a new tattoo tomorrow....SO EXCITED....I thought this weeks theme would be, you guessed it, TATTOOS! Specifically foot ones (because that's where mine is going) It was originally meant for my fore arm but because of size and placement we've decided to go for my foot :) I'm so excited and really really scared! I've heard that foot tattoo's hurt the worst but my tattooer/tattooist(?) said that it's just the same as your ribs (which I've had done) and that flippin hurt like hell so that wasn't really any consolation :S Any way here are some foot tattoos that I like (non of them are mine and there all sourced from Google images. If there your pictures or someone you know please tell me and i'll credit them)

Themed Thursday - Tattoo's

These cute cakes are delicious

These two were the closest to my design I could find. But saying that there nothing like it haha!

I love the old school sailor style of these 'Mom' and 'Dad' tats.

This is the scariest game I've played but love it when people get tattoo's of it!

I think I love cupcakes....I love the vibrancy and the colour!

This is also a bit like mine but not really anything like it at all haha!

I'm not to sure I like the size of this but I adore the colours!!

Can anyone tell me how painful a foot tattoo is?
And is it a tattooer or a tattooist?

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