Sci Fi Sunday

Well. What to say about this film. Id give it maybe **1/2....It was every bit as awful as I thought it would be. I never really like the comic and Ryan Reynolds is way too pretty and clean cut to play a proper super hero (even though I loved him as Deadpool!)

The opening sequence was just embarrassing really. It was so cheesy and I pretty much laughed the whole way through it. It was like a 80's Sci Fi movie but better graphics. If it had been an 80's Sci Fi movie made like they used to, I would of loved the cheese and could forgive the lameness....but it wasn't. So no brownie points there.

The story was awful! It just didn't go deep enough. It just sort of skimmed the surface. I felt like I was in the cinema for ages and it dragged. If they'd of padded it out a little better I probably wouldn't of got bored. It didn't flow and it jumped from one bit of the story to the next so it felt like I was watching two separate films mushed together. There was even the 'kissing in front of a beautiful sunset' scene....*puke* Yes have romance and lovelyness....but come on. We are action people who like comics and kicking ass...keep the mushy gushy stuff to a minimum!

The characters where mushy and weak. Even the bad guy wasn't convincing or scary in any way (and looked a lot like Glalactus from Fantastic Four.) Ryan Reynolds was okay. Hes not my favourite actor any way but he just didn't seem right for this part (and his costume didn't even make me change my mind!!) The girl in it got on my nerves....she just wasn't anybody. Half the cast could of not been in it and it wouldn't of made any difference.

The graphics were great but was lost on the overall disappointment of the film. I suppose after all the great Super Hero films that have been or will be released recently such as X-Men and Thor this just pales in comparison. Maybe if they'd waited till those were a bit further back in my memory then this film would of seemed better but It just wasn't powerful enough to compete with its rivals...Which totally KICKED ASS!!

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