Saturday Shopping

I have been loving bags this week! especially yellow ones. But seen as I've just bought a yellow cardigan, yellow skirt and a play-suit that consists of mainly yellow and I'm planning on purchasing yellow nail varnish I think a bag might be going over board :S I love all these bags! There so cute and gorgeous! I love the Top Shop vanity case. This would look amazing with all my summer dresses! £45 isn't that bad....I've had my eye on the navy heart bag from Next for ages but I opted for a red and white one from Pavers (for my birthday) Maybe if it goes in the Autumn sale?! I have always wanted a Superdry duffle bag but for that price I think it will forever stay a dream...even in the sale Superdry is extortionately priced! But there so pretty!!

1. River Island - Yellow Satchel Bag £36.99
2. Next - Navy Heart Bag £28
3. Cult - Ladies Large Duffle Bag £179
4. Urban Outfitters - Large Woven Aztec Satchel £48
5. BooHoo - Mitsy Floral Beach Bag £15
6. ASOS - Leather Colour Block Satchel £75
7. Top Shop - Red Ditsy Floral Print Vanity Case £45

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