Saturday Shopping

I love these hats! I just bought a boata hat so I thought that this week would be hat shopping week :) I love the big floppy straw hats but I just feel a little stupid wearing them around town. Maybe if I was to go on holiday this year I would buy one...but it seems that that is not the case :( oh well....Maybe one for the garden then....

1. Beige flower ribbon and bow boata hat - £16.99
2. Brown Floppy Fedora Hat - £16.00
3. Vivien Sheriff Rose Veil Beret - £72.00
4. ASOS Oversized '70's Floppy Straw Hat - £20.0
5. Straw Ribbon Floppy Hat - £25.00
6. YOGO EGO Oversized 70's Floppy Straw Hat Natural/White - £12.00
7. Danlia Darling Hat - $99.99

I started my job today....it was horrendous! I haven't worked in ages and I'm not used to standing up all day anymore and my feet are just killing me! It was my first time waitressing an well...lets just say it doesn't come naturally!! I've started job hunting again already. I think that it's a sign that you hate a place when you come home and just cry on your dads shoulder for a few minuets :S

I'm going to go for a soak in the bath now and massage my feet better. Toodles xox

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