Saturday Shopping

This week I got some new toms :) So now I have 3 pairs...wahoo! (yellow, red, grey) I love them there super comfy. We don't have much choice in the shops over here in lil' old England, just cream, grey, brown and black. Maybe red if your lucky. I really really wanted some bright ones and never even thought to look on the internet. So I did. And boy did I hit the mother load! I'm already trying to way up my money to buy the pink classics :) So here are my favourites. One from each category on the website...

1. Highland Brown Women's Botas - £59 - I love the colour of these, to bad I don't really suit that style of shoe.....I'd still get them though!

2. Pink Linen Women's Classics - £37 - I want! I want! I want!

3. Linen Pinstripe Women's Cordones - £50 - Love this style and the colour is so summery and beachy! Cute!

4. Ocean Corduroy Women's Classics - £40 - I have always loved corduroy, just wish they came in red or yellow....or PINK!

5. Pink Women's Glitters - £40 - Not too hot on the sequins but Id be up for some for a crazy night out :)

6. University Yellow Rope Sole Women's Classics - £37 - I already have these. They were the first pair I ever bought. Happy times!

7. Red Bimini Women's Stitchouts - £50 - Love the nautical feel to these babies!

8. Coral Canvas Women's Wedges - £59 - Wedges + Toms = Amazing!! I so want them! They come in yellow too....eeek! Too bad about the price :(

They've also bought out a wedding range! How awesome is that! My plan of White Docs for my wedding might have just been replaced with some White Toms!

It's a little sad though. I just bought my new Tom's then I go twist my ankle by falling down the stairs. Bad times. Wont be able to wear them for a while as there a little tight and my swollen cankle wont fit :(

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