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So I've been sitting on the idea of my own shop for quite sometime. I started to experiment a few weeks ago with different ideas and designs about products that I could sell. I've worked up quite a catalog in my little black sketch book and feel confident that this could go somewhere and its something that I have always wanted. Maybe one day it will go from the internet to a real live shop! :) I'm really excited and am just itching to make make make! Before I start any type of selling I need to get a stock pile up and get some decent publicity but watch this space as I'll be posting updates and things here first. I hope to have a decent pile and all the odds and ends sorted and ready to set up shop this coming new year. I know that seems along way away but I have last year of Uni to start as well and will only be making in my spare time. I'm really excited about this and feel that I'm finally stepping in the right direction of what I want to do with my life and my art degree :) (even though craft isn't really fine art...its loosely enough related for my degree to have been worth while!!) So keep your eyes peeled in the next few months because I have a feeling its going to fly by!!

Here are two of the first thing I made to give you some idea of what to expect. This is by no means the extent of my productivity. I plan to make many different designs of flowers to be made into all types of accessories....and maybe even a bridal range! But that is all the sneak peaks your getting for now.....stay tuned for more :)

Toodles xox

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