Beanie Cat

Meet Flik

This is Mum and Matt's wedding present off me :) Shes now 4 years old...(cant believe its been 4 years!) We don't get on at all. She hates me and doesn't come near me unless I've got food or a piece of string in my hand. It's defiantly a love hate relationship. These were taken last night when we were playing around the living room. As you can tell she's such a poser and loves having her picture taken! She's such a cutie pie and even though she has razor sharp claws and doesn't miss a chance to use them against me she's such a big softy! Matt dotes on her...I always make fun of him for being such a push over for a cat! I think Flik is great but I'm definitely a dog person and can't wait to get my own place and can get a dog :)

Today I'm still recovering from my cold. I was feeling better yesterday but its so hot today and the heat is making me feel stuffy again :( At least I have a place to stay, as the last few days I've been hopping from house to house because everyone is getting ill! My nana has had to go to hospital with a chest infection so keep her in your thoughts and prayers please.

Im so hungry I'm going to go and hunt for some food!!

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