Little Lolly's Girly Day

This week I haven't been in the right frame of mind to do my usual blog posts as I've been doing various birthday stuff and just haven't had the time. But today my best friend took me for a girly day out (we've never had one in the 7 years we've been friends.) She took me to have my nails done!! I've never had them done before and I was a little nervous but it was actually really fun! It was fascinating to watch how it's done. They look a bit silly on me at the moment because I have no nails at all normally. So seeing so much white is a little weird :S

I wanted to get them done because it's my birthday night out on Saturday and I wanted pretty nails to match my pretty dress :D (pics of sat night will be posted when taken) It was so much fun and we went for lunch too so was a proper nice girly day :)

These are from the other day when we went to Liverpool to spend some birthday money :) I bought THREE pairs of shoes! THREE PAIRS!! crazy! But its okay because its birthday money (thats what I keep telling myself anyway!) I got some lovely heeled denim sandals with purple bows and some bright pink heels (totaly crazy!) and also my annual Toms, this time in grey.

I've had such a lovely week and I cant wait for the weekend! Night out with my gorgeous girls!

Also I have an Interview tomorrow for a dog groomer! (how funny is that!) wish me luck!!

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