Happy Fathers Day!

Seen as it's fathers day here are some pics of me and my pops. The first one is only a few hours after I was born. My dad is the same age I am now....how crazy is that! Look at me....I was so cute a small (what happend!!??) This Is one of my favourite photos of us two...My dad just looks so happy :)

The second photo was taken about a month ago and is the most recent photo taken of the two of us!! A whole 21 years between the photos....how crazy is that! This was taken about a week after dads operation to remove his cancer (lump?) We had made a fire in the garden....hence the layers of jumpers and coats in the middle of summer!!

I love my pops and I know I don't tell him enough. I think he is very brave to have kept such a calm head over the last few months and I admire him so much. He is my inspiration and my hero.

Love you Stevie-pops!

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