Bookworm Monday

This week I finished the EPIC trilogy that is....The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I was absolutely blown away by this series. After I read Twilight (Stephenie Meyer) I thought there is no way gonna be a series that captures me more than this. Then I read Banned and the Bannished (James Clemmens) and it got me in the same place but for completely different reasons. Twilight was teenage and BATB was very much adult....THG is a great balance of both and I was pleasantly surprised by it. After a string of failures in the teen department I was ready to just cast this in with the rest but Collins really pulls it out of the bag and I have to commend her on her sheer guts and lack of fear about shocking the reader. I actually read about 70% of this book with my mouth hanging whilst thinking 'oh no she wouldn't?!......OH MY GOD SHE DID!!' Some bits are so shocking that I had to read them again just to make sure that I read it right! I don't really want to say much about this and give anything away but you can rest assured that you will love this book!

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