Bookworm Monday

This week I twisted my ankle and couldn't walk so I decided to make a dent in my ever increasing book list. On my bookshelves I have a whole section that is bought-but-unread which just keeps on growing. I just cant help my self. When I go to Waterstones the 3 for 2 offer is just to inviting!! So with ankle strapped up and my butt firmly planted on the sofa I started on my large pile.

Entangled - Cat Clark
This book wasn't what I thought at all! It was so good! I read a few reviews on this book and they didn't have great things to say but I don't really know what they were talking about cause this book was seriously good. I loved the main character Grace. She was so real and flawed, not like all the teen books that have shy, quiet doe eyed girls (yuck) It dealt with real issues (that for me were very personal) and portrayed them in a real way. The reactions to the situation by the other characters where so great. It really got my blood boiling at some points, I was getting so angry by the end of it because I couldn't believe what was happening! (in a good way) The ending was so unexpected and cleaver. I really wished there was a second one but the more I thought about it i'm so glad this is a stand alone. You can completely imagine the ending any way you want.

This book wont be for everyone. I think only open minded people will really appreciate it as the issues raised are very hard hitting and some people will not be able to understand the reasoning behind it. It was easy to read and the imagery flowed easily through the imagination.

Catching Fire - Suzzane Collins
For me second books are the worst. Nearly always I'm disappointed by the way the story goes. The first books focus on love and you get an amazing euphoric feeling at the end. Then the second book almost always destroys that feeling and leaves you feeling depressed and drained. I didn't have high hopes for Catching Fire really. Even though all my friends had said its amazing I just didn't want to read it in fear of it ruining the first one for me. And it did to start with. I could see the usual pattern forming so I stopped reading it half way through. I was so gutted but I decided to carry on a few weeks later just to get it over with and it was amazing! The ending was just as exciting and thrilling as the first book! I couldn't put it down and when I finished it, it took all I had not to start the next one (it was 3am!) Collins has such a good writing style and she's not afraid to push some boundaries with the characters. I cant wait to read Mockingay!

What books have you been reading this week?

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