Bookworm Monday

Iv finally got back into my a-book-in-a-day routine again. The other day I read Divergent by Veronica Roth. Such a good book! It wasn't what I thought is was going to be about. It was well thought out and just the right amount of action/romance/suspense to keep you interested. I love Four (the main male character) I loved his solidness but I loved his vulnerability. I loved Tris (the main female character) I loved her strength and her power. I loved the writing style and the way Roth was not afraid to sacrifice important parts for the story. It's such an adrenaline rush reading it and I felt every bit the characters felt. It was visually pleasing and I found I had no problem visualizing everything. My only critique is that some parts where a bit rushed and other parts could of been shortened.

I am throughly looking forward for the next installment and would recommend this book to anyone who is wanting something new and fresh to take your breath away.

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