Birthday Night Out Outfit

Saturday was my birthday night out. All my girl friends came round to my mums for pizza and cocktails :) This was the outfit I wore on the lovely summers day. The other girl in the photos is my best friend Beth who bought me the dress for my birthday so I could wear it out and look pretty :P I absolutely love this outfit and I felt really pretty all night (even though I look quite chubby here)

My hair has been newly blonded over the pink so it's gone a sort of peach colour on the ends and the roots are white/honey blond. I love the colour its gone, even though it was a mistake!! The shoes are my trusty wedges. I was going to wear my new Blowfish Flats but they didn't look quite right (by the end of the night I wish I had though!!) These photos were taken before everyone arrived and Beth, mum and I had a little photo shoot in the back garden. It was really fun and we had a good chuckel doing some funny poses and making faces. These are some of my favourite ones but there were a few more I might post up at a later date. Once I have all the pictures of my birthday (mum has some) I'll post a big birthday special with all my favourite memories and photos, so watch this space. Hope fully now the bulk of my birthday is over I can get back to some normality on this here blog.

Cardigan Newlook
Dress Newlook
Belt Newlook
Under skirt Quiggins
Tights M&S
Wedges Newlook
I think I shop at new look way too much...

Whats your best birthday memory?

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