Themed Thursday

This weeks 'Themed Thursday' is....Blue! Seeing as my blog went from green to blue...blue it is!

These cute babie booties.

This amazing bike.

This scrumptious cupcake.

These adorable nails.

This sweet little tea cup.

This cozy little craft cupboard .

This gorgeous 50's inspired pin-up dress.

I want this hair SO badly!.

The adorable little dickie bow.

The wee little plastic unicorn.

ch-ch-ch-CHESTER ZOO!

This is a huge post!! Soooo many pictures to share....if you don't want to look at them all there's a little bit of writing at the bottom :) I might even put them in two separate post

Yesterday me and my friend Helen went to Chester Zoo on a rather spontaneous adventure (the best kind of adventure!) There's a good deal for park entry and train fair at the local station so we grabbed at the chance and had a great day out. It was boiling when we arrived...but we both know this English weather is not to be trusted so the rain coats and jeans came in handy when the heavens decided to open in the afternoon! Lucky for us a bit of rain never melted either of us so it didn't dampen our spirits. Its still school term here so the only kids that where their were on school trips and relatively well behaved....I sound so OLD! Here are some of the Critters that we spied...

This weekend I will be cat sitting for Mum and Matt as they are away on a mini break. Its supposed to be really sunny and nice so I think that a nice relaxing weekend in the back garden is in order. I'm taking round my sewing machine and some bits of fabric so hopefully I'll be inspired to finally get cracking on some items for my shop. Maybe I'll even break out the trusty extension cable and sew outside in the sun. I'll keep posting like normal but I'm anticipating a very chilled out weekend, I might even get the girls round for a drink or two.

P.S Sorry about the two different types of photograph!! There all supposed to look old but for some reason it hasn't work on the first few and I'm too tired to fix it tonight! But at least there all the same size now :)

What have you got planned for this weekend? Chilling in the garden or having a day out?


Yes? Can I help you?

I came home yesterday to this Mr Moggy sat...quite literally in the garden. I thought it was such a funny sight. If you knew this cat you would know that he gets spoiled rotten and never chased away because hes only got three legs and because of that (to me anyway) he always seems to have an air of smugness to him. That's why I found this so funny! He just looked at me as if to say 'yes I am sat on your chair....what of it?' The real reason that he probably got quite a good view of the pigs in the cage below him. Any way I thought this was funny/cute enough to warrant a post.....I promise I'll refrain from the cat posts for now....Two in a row, CRAZY!


Beanie Cat

Meet Flik

This is Mum and Matt's wedding present off me :) Shes now 4 years old...(cant believe its been 4 years!) We don't get on at all. She hates me and doesn't come near me unless I've got food or a piece of string in my hand. It's defiantly a love hate relationship. These were taken last night when we were playing around the living room. As you can tell she's such a poser and loves having her picture taken! She's such a cutie pie and even though she has razor sharp claws and doesn't miss a chance to use them against me she's such a big softy! Matt dotes on her...I always make fun of him for being such a push over for a cat! I think Flik is great but I'm definitely a dog person and can't wait to get my own place and can get a dog :)

Today I'm still recovering from my cold. I was feeling better yesterday but its so hot today and the heat is making me feel stuffy again :( At least I have a place to stay, as the last few days I've been hopping from house to house because everyone is getting ill! My nana has had to go to hospital with a chest infection so keep her in your thoughts and prayers please.

Im so hungry I'm going to go and hunt for some food!!


Bookworm Monday

This week I finished the EPIC trilogy that is....The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I was absolutely blown away by this series. After I read Twilight (Stephenie Meyer) I thought there is no way gonna be a series that captures me more than this. Then I read Banned and the Bannished (James Clemmens) and it got me in the same place but for completely different reasons. Twilight was teenage and BATB was very much adult....THG is a great balance of both and I was pleasantly surprised by it. After a string of failures in the teen department I was ready to just cast this in with the rest but Collins really pulls it out of the bag and I have to commend her on her sheer guts and lack of fear about shocking the reader. I actually read about 70% of this book with my mouth hanging whilst thinking 'oh no she wouldn't?!......OH MY GOD SHE DID!!' Some bits are so shocking that I had to read them again just to make sure that I read it right! I don't really want to say much about this and give anything away but you can rest assured that you will love this book!

Victorian Blue

YEY! As you can see I have finally come to decision on my blog and finally made my self a template that suits me!! I have been waiting for someone to do it for me because I have no idea how to do HTML and CSS. Turns out you just need to get really frustrated and impatient and say 'sod it, ill just give it a go'....a few hours later slaving away over paint (of all things!) and this is what we get!! If id of known it was that simple id of been up and running from the get go but I was led to believe that it took the brains and skills of a HTML wizard to make it work. I'm so pleased with myself and a little bewildered that it came out so well with such little effort! I've still yet to work out the picture sizing and from now on ill try and size all the pictures the same but its just too much hassle to change the ones already posted...I might change them as I go but just so you don't think I'm a sloppy blogger it's just because I've changed all the layout and dimensions :)

So tell me what you think?


Sci Fi Sunday

Description of Photo

These pictures got me really excited today!! Peter Jackson on set of The Hobbit, Ian Mckellen as Gandalf and the first look of Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins!! EEEK!

I cant believe how slim Peter Jackson has got! I almost didn't recognize him, I thought he was one of the dwarfs! I cant wait for the Hobbit to hit our screens later this year and am really excited about all the new castings that have been announced :) Luke Evans as Bard the Bowman, Benedict Cumberbatch as Smaug, Barry Humphries as Goblin King and Evangeline Lilly as Tauriel. Evangeline Lilly will make such a great Elf, shes got the right look about her and I hope she does really well :) I'm also pleased to here that Ian Holmes will be making an appearance as older Bilbo at the end of the film :) (I love Ian Holmes....he's just too cute hahha) I seriously cant wait for this film and will be counting down the day till the 14 December!!

Last night was bad :( I had to go stay at nanas because I was feeling ill and dad cant be around anyone who could make him ill cause his white blood count is really low. So I went to nanas to sleep and ended up in A&E till 4am becuase nana had chest pains all evening. It turns out she has a chest infection but they were worried that she might of had a mini heart attack. So shes been sent to bed with anti-biotics and I've been carted off to Mums house incase I give nana my cold (which wouldnt be good) So hopefully 3rd time lucky and I'll be able to stay at mums till I'm better, which will hopefully be tomorrow!

Saturday Shopping

I have been loving bags this week! especially yellow ones. But seen as I've just bought a yellow cardigan, yellow skirt and a play-suit that consists of mainly yellow and I'm planning on purchasing yellow nail varnish I think a bag might be going over board :S I love all these bags! There so cute and gorgeous! I love the Top Shop vanity case. This would look amazing with all my summer dresses! £45 isn't that bad....I've had my eye on the navy heart bag from Next for ages but I opted for a red and white one from Pavers (for my birthday) Maybe if it goes in the Autumn sale?! I have always wanted a Superdry duffle bag but for that price I think it will forever stay a dream...even in the sale Superdry is extortionately priced! But there so pretty!!

1. River Island - Yellow Satchel Bag £36.99
2. Next - Navy Heart Bag £28
3. Cult - Ladies Large Duffle Bag £179
4. Urban Outfitters - Large Woven Aztec Satchel £48
5. BooHoo - Mitsy Floral Beach Bag £15
6. ASOS - Leather Colour Block Satchel £75
7. Top Shop - Red Ditsy Floral Print Vanity Case £45


Oranges and Lemons

So I finally got my Tripod back from Uni! (wahoo!) And I got a new play-suit too so what an opportunity to show of both :) You will have to excuse some of these poses and facial expressions but seen as it's my first time using a tripod and I was nervous of people watching me in the garden I think I did quite well :) I did feel really silly doing it but I had fun as well and it was a really nice morning and the sun was shining brightly. I only bought this play-suit 2 days ago and this was the first time I had worn it. I love the print....I don't usually like prints that incorporate fruit but you can hardly tell their oranges so I let it slide :) My cardigan collection is slowly rising and I bought this one to pair specifically with this outfit. You also get a little sneaky peak at my new foot tat!! Its not completely healed yet so will post some more when its not so scabby!

This afternoon I went to town with my Nana. I had to buy some new shoes for work because my old ones killed my feet :( It's so hard to try shoes on though with a new tat...major irritation going on. We went for lunch and had a wonder round town for a bit. Ages ago in one of my 'Saturday Shopping' I did a skirt one. Well today I actually bought one of them skirts! I love that I actually bought one of things that I regularly 'window shop' for :) SO happy! I had to order it online so when It comes I'm sure there will be a outfit post or something :)

Today has been such a lazy day watching Disney and listening to Kings of Leon whilst cleaning the Kitchen. It was dads last day of chemo today (wahoo!) He's still really poorly and this next week will be even worse but at least he doesn't have to go back to the hospital for any more medicine! Thanks for all your prayers and well wishes. He had a scan today to make sure that it's all gone and he gets his results next week, so fingers crossed!

This weekend I'll be working (boo) but next week I'm taking a trip to Chester Zoo with my friend Helen so I cant wait for that!! I'm going to take photos for my university project and have a much needed great day out :)

Playsuit-River Island
Belt-River Island