Weekly Wednesday

Well again this week was pretty boring in the way of photo opportunities, so this Weekly Wednesday is dedicated to my weekend in Manchester for Luke's birthday (and mine)! It was a lovely weekend where we celebrated both our birthdays. His was actually on Saturday, mines this coming Friday :) but he has exams so we decided to have a joint one. We had a lovely long shop around Manchester city center then we went to Wagamamas! I love that restaurant! I had a cup of tea in a glass mug! It was so cool (I've never had tea from a glass before) You could see all the tea being released from the tea bag. It kept me amused for a good ten minutes (simple minds I suppose...)

Any way here are some photos that I took...most are completely random but I like them :)

Birthday Candles
We had cake and candles :) there weren't 21 but oh well! We had the cake for breakfast...not such a good idea!

Cards and Presents
This is the card I got Luke and the Watch that took hours and hours to find! Thank goodness for Next!

This made me laugh so much...Luke singing Salt'n'Pepper to me whilst holding Salt and Pepper sachets....What a weird boy he is!

Mmmm I love Jacket Potatoes! This lunch was especially yummy! (It doesn't look great here...but it was!)

My Cute Ickle Shoes
I adore these shoes and thought I'd take a photo whilst waiting for my train :) how pretty!

I also went to visit my best friends sister (who is practically my sister too!) We went charity shopping in Maccersfield. I bought some really cute place mat's and Japanies style plate. She bought me lunch and then went back to her flat (which is amazing!) and chilled out for the afternoon! Was so much fun!

This weekend I wont be here. Dun Dun DUUUN! oh no!

My mother is taking me away for my birthday for a Spa weekend! Lucky me! So I will be absent from tomorrow until Sunday. I'll be taking lots and lots of photos so I'll probably have loads of posts next week sharing my birthday with everyone :)

See ya'll when I'm 21!!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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