Weekly Wednesday

This week I haven't really done much that warranted a picture but I'll see what I've got :)

Shoe Shopping
These beauties are my birthday present of my Nana...so have to wait two weeks to get them...aren't they fabulous!

Race For Life
The Race For Life was great :) I had such a blast and we raised lots of money. It was great to see so many people supporting such a great charity! xox

Chasing Kittens
I loved playing with Flik this week. Haven't seen her in forever and even though we don't get on it's always nice to know she still like to use me as a scratching post :)

Tea For Two
Having Brunch with your best friend is the second most greatest thing in the world (the first being 2 breakfasts for £10 and unlimited tea for 99p with said best friend!!)

Moody Mittens
No matter how many photos I take of Mittens he's always got that look in his eye...If he was a human he'd be a pouty model and most defiantly a ladies man (or at least think he was :P)

Chocolate Cloud Cake
Cake is great. Cake with a friend is better (everything was better with a friend this week) Recipie for Chocolate Cloud Cake will be on www.littlelollyscraftycakes.blogspot.com at some point in the future.

Summer Flowers
Wearing pretty clothes and taking some snaps with mum was so much fun :) I wore this outfit two days in a row because I loved it so much! (Outfit posts will come later)

What did you love this week?

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