Weekly Wednesday

This week has been a non motivational week. I haven't had the will to do anything computer related at all so I'm afraid I've been a little lacking in th posting but I've got a few things I've done this week that have been pretty good but I'm afraid this will be a very brief post!

Drinking With Friends

Going out with my friends was great! I also had a night in with my mum and some friends :) Such a nice week for just chilling out :)

Band Night

We went out to see a friends band called Sour Mash, they were really great and you should defo check them out if you can!

Flowers In Her Hair

This was my first ever successful Daisy Chain and I loved it!! But it died :(

Park Life

Running around the park with my friends was great! we played tig, fed the ducks and ate ice creams! Felt like a kid for 5 minuets was great!

Here Comes The Bride!

Well this week was the long awaited Royal Wedding and us being us we got all dressed up! I wore the wedding dress (Meg is wearing it here) and a top hat! was such a lovely day with pink champagne and a mini buffet :)


I made mini scones this week and banoffee muffins...yum yum yum, in my tum!

Family Fun

I've spent alot of time with dad this week just sitting around and chilling out :) Has been quite special <3


We had a fire in the back garden this week as it was nice and warm so we could sit out. Was funny to see dad scouring the garden for twigs.... defiantly all better now :P

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