Walking on Fish

Excuse the scary face and the terrible photo...still need to get my tri-pod from University!

Well today has been a horrendous day, as far as the weather goes :P I went shopping with Nana, Dad and Sarah. It was quite sunny and warm this morning, but I should of know! This English weather is a trickster! It leads you into a false sense of security, then BAM! Raaaaain. So I was dressed rather summery today. Nice summer dress and bright yellow tights with my little grey flats (bad idea in the rain.....wet feet!) As you can see hair up and looking pretty cool :P (I nearly bought a top today that said 'I am awesome' but I thought that was going a little too far) And then I had to go and put on my big rain coat and my hair got wet and I just looked awful after a few minuets walking round :( What a waist of effort!!

But the weather didn't dampen my spirits that much. We had lunch in a new place that had opened in the city. I had egg on toast and I am not joking they must of scrambled at least 6 eggs to make as much as what was on my plate...CRAZY! But it was lovely and they had the most amazing looking cakes....I went for a Pecan Pie and regretted it later when I saw the plate sized doughnuts :(

After lunch Dad and Sarah parted ways and Nana and I went birthday shopping :D (14 days!!!) I got two gorgeous skirts from Pull ad Bear, four tops from Peacocks and these GORGEOUS Blowfish flats from Schuh!! I have wanted Blowfish shoes for ages and now I finally have them *squeals like a little girl* I'm not allowed them till my birthday but I have this picture of them to last me two weeks till they can don my feet :D

I also got a cute red dotty crop cardigan and three belts from Newlook and some socks from Top Shop :) So all In all a very nice day (apart from the weather) and I'm now looking forward to my birthday even more than I was!

Cardigan Newlook
Dress Top Shop
Strap top Primark
Tights Accessorize

How has your day been?

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