Themed Thursday

This weeks theme is Harry Potter! I am HP crazy and as its nearing the last film (72 days nearer actually) :) so i thought it was fitting to pay my respects to my life's obsession! This one is probably a little over board but if there is too things that I just cant reign my self in its HP and Stargate!

Everyone wants to be part of the Weasly family...or at least marry into it!! Id go for bill (the book version anyway) or Fred or George!!

This made me very happy!! Finally I can go ask Dumbledore why I never got my letter!!

Speaks for It's self really!! I LOVE HP!

This amazing Harry Potter themed bedroom. I have no idea whether this is a real room or a hotel room....but I soo want!

Love this simple tattoo....and loving the dedication from the fan!!

Everybody wants a map like this!!

I laughed for aaaages at this! Look at Voldy with his poncy glass of wine!! I bet its red!

Don't like this bit in the film, I think its really fake but this just made me smile

The absolutely gorgeous Emma Watson!

*balls eyes out*.....

I'm defiantly freaking out!

AHAHAHAHA! I laughed for ages at this! haha...if only they'd known then what they know now :P

You go Mrs Weasley! You are a friggin awesome mom!

Mr Radcliffe...who I have to say id looking better the older he gets....But not if his digital enhanced HP scenes are anything to go by....maybe not :P

This absolutely adorable dog!! I want a dog just for this purpose!!

So excited for the film! But as usual am getting waaay ahead of myself so I really need to slow down a little bit :D

If any of you are interested I've put a few bits on Ebay....I'll be making some things and selling them there too so keep a look out if your intrested....look for the seller LittleLolly90 :)


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