Spider Cat

I am constantly amazed by my little camera and its ability to pick up the minutest of details. Whilst waiting for mum to come pick me up Mittens wondered over for a cuddle in the garden. I don't know where he'd been but he had tiny little spiders all over him! He hasn't been around much because it's so sunny and warm out he tends to sleep outside and just come in to eat. So it was nice for him to come say hello :)

He's such a poser and a pretty little boy. He could be a Model in Cats Weekly (I just made my self laugh so much) These are my favourite pictures that I took yesterday. The detail of the spider on his face is just amazing...I didn't even realise it was there before I took the photo! In the last photo he's got his flirty eyes on haha!

I know he's not really my cat and he's just sort of adopted my family...hes still my cat :)

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