Sci Fi Sunday

I was a bit stumped as what to blog about this Sci Fi Sunday as I got a little over excited about my home made Gateroom and already showed it to y'all :/ But then I thought I'd just keep with the theme and keep it Stargate! Quite frankly I have no idea why I haven't done this before seen as I have an unhealthy obsession with SG and pretty much eat, sleep and breath it, But hey. I'm doing it now so its all good baby, its all good :D

Here are my favourite characters and a bit about why I love them so much :)

Jonas Quinn
I was so sad when Daniel died (the first time) But I forgave them a little when Jonas Quinn arrived. He's just so cute! And I love how much he and Sam got on...such a sweetie <3

The best thing that came out of the alliance with the Tok'ra (apart from Jacob and Selmak) is Martouf. I was devastated in Divide and Conquer....still can't watch that episode without balling my eyes out!

General Landry
Not as good as Hammond but he has his good bits :) And he's Jeff Bridges brother....ace!

Genral Hammond
I absolutely adore General Hammond! He's such an amazing character and he always does the right thing :) My favorite episode with him is Into the Fire...Yeeeehaaaaaa! Classic!

Cam Mitchel
No one will ever replace O'neil....but cam does a brilliant job. He just seems really on edge all the time and it annoys me :S
Vala Mal Doran
This is the woman I want to be! I love her fun attitude and I hope to be just as sexy and fun loving when I'm older :D I defiantly think I have a girl crush on this lady :P
Daniel Jackson
Well so much to say and so little space....just such a good actor and I just think hes amazing ahaha...I know thats sad but its true! I cant pick a favourite Jackson moment but my favourite episode, which is mostly him, is Lifeboat...fantastic acting from Shanks....Wooop!

Well what can I say....pretty bad ass really :D Love him in 200! haha cracks me up every time!

Sam Carter
Shes just beautiful! Shes got such a cute smile and I love how bad ass she is whilst still keeping the feminine thing going...I love her and Jacks relationship but it frustrates me so much!! Just tell him how you feel for goodness sake!!

Jack O'neil
He speaks for himself really. Just awesomeness in a bottle (or person)

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