Saturday Shopping

Its my birthday in two weeks! Woop! and this week Me and my Nana went birthday shopping :D (always fun!) And she bought me two gorgeous skirts (not that i'm allowed them yet haha) So I thought I'd share some of my favorite skirts that I've seen whilst browsing around. Non of these are the ones I've got but there of the same styles so you get the over all gist. I absolutely adore 8! Love the colour and the belt and the length....mmm yummy! (I might see if I can grab it this week, but I doubt they'll have it in my town) I love the dungaree skirt too but unfortunately my size would make that beautiful skirt look rather disgusting so ill be resigned to just staring at the computer until the next seasons stuff comes through :P

I seem to be getting a rather strong liking for skirts. I used to hate them. But now I cant walk through a shop with out my eyes getting caught on the nearest skirt. Maybe I should just avoid the shops......NAAH!

What have you been spying in the shops this week?

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