Saturday Shopping

As its getting towards summer I have been scouring the shops and internet for some summer dresses. As usual I have no money to buy them but a girl can dream :) These are some beautiful dresses that I would love to own and who knows....maybe one day when I have a job and money they will be mine....one day *looks dreamily of into space*

I put all my jeans and trousers away where I cant get to them the other day as my goal this summer is to wear dresses and shorts more as the weather is lovely! Even though this morning it was pouring down, like torrential rain and now its boiling hot sunshine.... WEIRD!

I felt absolutely awful this morning, I was really tired and not very well but Luke took me Frankie and Bennie's for breakfast which we've been meaning to do for aaages! I had sausage, bacon and egg muffin...it was delicious but now I really need to walk it off, so am going to town to buy some things to make for my shop :) so see ya later all!

Toodles xox

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