Rainy Haze

Today was a rainy day. But one of those hot sticky rainy days. Perfect day for job hunting! I'm in desperate need of a job and am looking everywhere with no luck :( I handed in a few applications so hopefully I will hear something from at least one of them. Having a job is really no fun. We complain and complain when we have one but how else are we supposed to afford all those lovely dresses that are sitting in the shops waiting for us :P And also I need to save for my trip to America!! So come on employers....EMPLOY ME! Any way this is what I wore on this oh so rainy day, probably not the best thing and I got rather wet legs! I love this dress and it was a bargain! I have no idea why my legs look so white....probably because they are :S New cardigan as of 2 days ago :) its so toasty warm and comfy! (Sorry about the photos am yet to go get my tri-pod from University)

Cardigan Newlook
Dress Topshop
Necklace The Celtic Emporium

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