Homes For My Toes

This is a totally random post but seen as I'm getting a new addition to my family of shoes this week I thought I'd show you the family so far. There all sisters and are so unique and individual I cant say which ones I love the most (and that would hurt their feelings!) I am a new shoe addict. I was never really bothered by them and wore the same pair of trainers till they died then bought a new pair. But those days are over now. I know now the importance in having a good variety (that keeps on growing as my bank balance slowly shrinks! eeek!) So here we have the Sisters!

White Sandles
I bought these lovely ladies about 3 years ago and when I got them home I hated them. So I stuck them in the closet and there they remained. Until about a month ago when I was clearing out and I just put them on to see and I loved them! I'v worn them nearly every day!

Pink Converse
I think these are my 7th? pair of converse! I love them. Simple. Comfy. Reliable. Every other pair I've had has broken because I have a habit of jamming them on my feet without undoing the laces :S So this time I'm taking extra special care of them!

Brown Wedges
The newest addition to the family. The highly awaited Wedges. I have scoured and foraged for a pair of wedges for two years and I finally have a pair! They go with everything I own (thank goodness!) And are super duper comfy!

Grey Docs
*smiles* My pride and joy. My babies. My darlings. My DocMartins. *smiles* Totally worth the £120....just fantastic. Cant really give them much more praise than that.....apart from now they've bought out a brown pair (rummages in the sofa for loose change!)

Roll Call
And here they are all lined up all purdy like! I know most of you will think that this is crazy! A whole post devoted to shoes. Pft. But there is a reason! Dad is watching Titanic next door and I hate that film so I needed something to distract my mind. And I'm totally excited about my new shoes I get tomorrow!! My lovely Blowfish Gal's! I finally get to hold them, smell them, wear them.....eeeeek!

Do any of you love shoes as much as me?
What is your favourite pair?

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