Cardboard Gate

So I was actually gonna wait untill Sci-Fi Sunday to give ya'll a peak at this but I'm just way too over excited for a piece of cardboard....But hey, simple minds!

Dad bought me a 13" Boba Fett model (way cool I know!) but unfortunately it wasn't right and had to be sent back (sad times) So dad made me this AWESOME cardboard replica of the Gate Room and Stargate with SG1!! You can even see Teal'c's staff weapon! I mean, how awesome is that! The detail in it is amazing and even though its made of cardboard I'm super stoked, and the fact that dad made it makes it even more special! This brings the total number of Stargate models made by my dad for me to...*drum roll*...5 (including the Stargate cake for my 18th which was brilliant!) they are

  • A Puddle Jumper
  • A Stargate
  • A DHD
  • A Gate Room Model
  • A Stargate Cake
So even though I'm bummed about Boba this, I think you'll agree, is equally as awesome!

Toodles xx
Damn! I'm gonna have to think of something else to do on Sunday!

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