Homes For My Toes

This is a totally random post but seen as I'm getting a new addition to my family of shoes this week I thought I'd show you the family so far. There all sisters and are so unique and individual I cant say which ones I love the most (and that would hurt their feelings!) I am a new shoe addict. I was never really bothered by them and wore the same pair of trainers till they died then bought a new pair. But those days are over now. I know now the importance in having a good variety (that keeps on growing as my bank balance slowly shrinks! eeek!) So here we have the Sisters!

White Sandles
I bought these lovely ladies about 3 years ago and when I got them home I hated them. So I stuck them in the closet and there they remained. Until about a month ago when I was clearing out and I just put them on to see and I loved them! I'v worn them nearly every day!

Pink Converse
I think these are my 7th? pair of converse! I love them. Simple. Comfy. Reliable. Every other pair I've had has broken because I have a habit of jamming them on my feet without undoing the laces :S So this time I'm taking extra special care of them!

Brown Wedges
The newest addition to the family. The highly awaited Wedges. I have scoured and foraged for a pair of wedges for two years and I finally have a pair! They go with everything I own (thank goodness!) And are super duper comfy!

Grey Docs
*smiles* My pride and joy. My babies. My darlings. My DocMartins. *smiles* Totally worth the £120....just fantastic. Cant really give them much more praise than that.....apart from now they've bought out a brown pair (rummages in the sofa for loose change!)

Roll Call
And here they are all lined up all purdy like! I know most of you will think that this is crazy! A whole post devoted to shoes. Pft. But there is a reason! Dad is watching Titanic next door and I hate that film so I needed something to distract my mind. And I'm totally excited about my new shoes I get tomorrow!! My lovely Blowfish Gal's! I finally get to hold them, smell them, wear them.....eeeeek!

Do any of you love shoes as much as me?
What is your favourite pair?

Birthday Outfit

It was my 21st Friday just gone! I had a wonderful time (which will be posted about later on as I have a lot to talk about!) But this is what I wore for my birthday meal! We went to the restaurant in the hotel. It was so lovely. This dress was a birthday present of Luke. I tried it on ages ago in blue and loved it but couldn't justify buying it. When we went birthday shopping I saw there was a red version and I fell in love with it even more! The shoes didn't really go but I love them so much that I wore them anyway :S I love my earrings and necklace. Since I bought them I have hardly had them off! I love the solid silver of them and there so mystical :D The belt was a fantastic find in a charity shop. It only cost £1.99 and I just adore the brass eagle, it reminds me of America (for obvious reasons) and since I'm a bit America crazy at the moment I just had to have it! I felt so good in this outfit. I felt my age :D Maybe I need to get rid of the arm chubb to make it look totally HOT! But I think it works okay at the moment :P I had a fantastic night with my Mummy. We ate, we drank, we laughed, we cried (well I cried!) and we both looked like smoking hot momma's :)

Earings & Necklace The Celtic Emporium,
Flower Accessorize,
Dress Bank,
Belt Charity Shop,
Tights M&S,
Wedges New Look.


Weekly Wednesday

Well again this week was pretty boring in the way of photo opportunities, so this Weekly Wednesday is dedicated to my weekend in Manchester for Luke's birthday (and mine)! It was a lovely weekend where we celebrated both our birthdays. His was actually on Saturday, mines this coming Friday :) but he has exams so we decided to have a joint one. We had a lovely long shop around Manchester city center then we went to Wagamamas! I love that restaurant! I had a cup of tea in a glass mug! It was so cool (I've never had tea from a glass before) You could see all the tea being released from the tea bag. It kept me amused for a good ten minutes (simple minds I suppose...)

Any way here are some photos that I took...most are completely random but I like them :)

Birthday Candles
We had cake and candles :) there weren't 21 but oh well! We had the cake for breakfast...not such a good idea!

Cards and Presents
This is the card I got Luke and the Watch that took hours and hours to find! Thank goodness for Next!

This made me laugh so much...Luke singing Salt'n'Pepper to me whilst holding Salt and Pepper sachets....What a weird boy he is!

Mmmm I love Jacket Potatoes! This lunch was especially yummy! (It doesn't look great here...but it was!)

My Cute Ickle Shoes
I adore these shoes and thought I'd take a photo whilst waiting for my train :) how pretty!

I also went to visit my best friends sister (who is practically my sister too!) We went charity shopping in Maccersfield. I bought some really cute place mat's and Japanies style plate. She bought me lunch and then went back to her flat (which is amazing!) and chilled out for the afternoon! Was so much fun!

This weekend I wont be here. Dun Dun DUUUN! oh no!

My mother is taking me away for my birthday for a Spa weekend! Lucky me! So I will be absent from tomorrow until Sunday. I'll be taking lots and lots of photos so I'll probably have loads of posts next week sharing my birthday with everyone :)

See ya'll when I'm 21!!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Bookworm Monday

This weekend has been such a mix of emotions. I'm quite exhausted and am thoroughly looking forward to my Spa weekend this coming weekend! As I said the other day it was Luke's birthday (21! Old man!) so have been in Manchester all weekend and then when I got back Nana wasn't very well and I had to take her to hospital. Dad has been in hospital having Chemo too. So a good but worrying weekend. Ill have more posts this week about my little trip to Manc but for know I am delighted to announce I have finally finished Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix! At long last I can start another book! My Goodreads account has been blinking at me that I'm '8 BOOKS BEHIND!' aaah! So I started on The Hunger Games by Suzanna Collins. I'm only 7 chapters in right now. Usually I would of finished it by now but I've just had so much on my mind. But even after 7 chapters, this is a brilliant book. It's so exciting and visual. I think it will definitely be in my top 10. The characters are so deep and you really feel for them and experience what their experiencing. I cant wait to get to know these characters more and live with them. This is going to so exciting!

What book are you reading at the moment?



Birthdays and Blogs

Well I suppose everything has gone a little wrong on the blog at the moment! I forgot to mention that I was going away for 3 days and that I was having a blog re-design. Well I'm back now and the blog has been half designed. Its probably going to look a little sketchy for a while because I've got a friend who doing it and I need to give her all the bits to make it so. So please excuse the mess while we try to get it up and runing as fast as possible :D

I had a lovely time away (it was Lukes birthday) and there will be pictures and what not from this weekend probably tomorrow or monday, when hopefully everything will be back to normal. Or as normal as it ever gets in my life!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Spider Cat

I am constantly amazed by my little camera and its ability to pick up the minutest of details. Whilst waiting for mum to come pick me up Mittens wondered over for a cuddle in the garden. I don't know where he'd been but he had tiny little spiders all over him! He hasn't been around much because it's so sunny and warm out he tends to sleep outside and just come in to eat. So it was nice for him to come say hello :)

He's such a poser and a pretty little boy. He could be a Model in Cats Weekly (I just made my self laugh so much) These are my favourite pictures that I took yesterday. The detail of the spider on his face is just amazing...I didn't even realise it was there before I took the photo! In the last photo he's got his flirty eyes on haha!

I know he's not really my cat and he's just sort of adopted my family...hes still my cat :)


Pretty in Pink...and Purple

I feel a little silly because I'm new to the whole 'Outfit post' thing and I'm not sure its really me (I'm still testing it out) but even if I wasn't I would show these photos because I felt so good in this outfit that I want to share it!!

I had a job interview this week, but I didn't get it :( I wore this out fit so even though I wasn't good enough for them, I still felt great :) (its amazing how a few bits of fabric can make you feel) Me and mum had a great time taking these photos. I feel so comfortable around her, like no one else. We messed around and took some good photos...and some really really bad ones :P I've had this dress for a year now and I never really wore it right till this week, so now I've discovered a whole new outfit just by pairing it wit the right shoes and cardigan :)

Dress Peacocks
Cardigan Marks & Spencer
Tights Marks & Spencer
Shoes Clarks
Belt New Look
Flower New Look
Scarf Gifted from Sweden
Bag Primark
Necklace The Celtic Emporium

Weekly Wednesday

This week I haven't really done much that warranted a picture but I'll see what I've got :)

Shoe Shopping
These beauties are my birthday present of my Nana...so have to wait two weeks to get them...aren't they fabulous!

Race For Life
The Race For Life was great :) I had such a blast and we raised lots of money. It was great to see so many people supporting such a great charity! xox

Chasing Kittens
I loved playing with Flik this week. Haven't seen her in forever and even though we don't get on it's always nice to know she still like to use me as a scratching post :)

Tea For Two
Having Brunch with your best friend is the second most greatest thing in the world (the first being 2 breakfasts for £10 and unlimited tea for 99p with said best friend!!)

Moody Mittens
No matter how many photos I take of Mittens he's always got that look in his eye...If he was a human he'd be a pouty model and most defiantly a ladies man (or at least think he was :P)

Chocolate Cloud Cake
Cake is great. Cake with a friend is better (everything was better with a friend this week) Recipie for Chocolate Cloud Cake will be on www.littlelollyscraftycakes.blogspot.com at some point in the future.

Summer Flowers
Wearing pretty clothes and taking some snaps with mum was so much fun :) I wore this outfit two days in a row because I loved it so much! (Outfit posts will come later)

What did you love this week?


Sci Fi Sunday

I was a bit stumped as what to blog about this Sci Fi Sunday as I got a little over excited about my home made Gateroom and already showed it to y'all :/ But then I thought I'd just keep with the theme and keep it Stargate! Quite frankly I have no idea why I haven't done this before seen as I have an unhealthy obsession with SG and pretty much eat, sleep and breath it, But hey. I'm doing it now so its all good baby, its all good :D

Here are my favourite characters and a bit about why I love them so much :)

Jonas Quinn
I was so sad when Daniel died (the first time) But I forgave them a little when Jonas Quinn arrived. He's just so cute! And I love how much he and Sam got on...such a sweetie <3

The best thing that came out of the alliance with the Tok'ra (apart from Jacob and Selmak) is Martouf. I was devastated in Divide and Conquer....still can't watch that episode without balling my eyes out!

General Landry
Not as good as Hammond but he has his good bits :) And he's Jeff Bridges brother....ace!

Genral Hammond
I absolutely adore General Hammond! He's such an amazing character and he always does the right thing :) My favorite episode with him is Into the Fire...Yeeeehaaaaaa! Classic!

Cam Mitchel
No one will ever replace O'neil....but cam does a brilliant job. He just seems really on edge all the time and it annoys me :S
Vala Mal Doran
This is the woman I want to be! I love her fun attitude and I hope to be just as sexy and fun loving when I'm older :D I defiantly think I have a girl crush on this lady :P
Daniel Jackson
Well so much to say and so little space....just such a good actor and I just think hes amazing ahaha...I know thats sad but its true! I cant pick a favourite Jackson moment but my favourite episode, which is mostly him, is Lifeboat...fantastic acting from Shanks....Wooop!

Well what can I say....pretty bad ass really :D Love him in 200! haha cracks me up every time!

Sam Carter
Shes just beautiful! Shes got such a cute smile and I love how bad ass she is whilst still keeping the feminine thing going...I love her and Jacks relationship but it frustrates me so much!! Just tell him how you feel for goodness sake!!

Jack O'neil
He speaks for himself really. Just awesomeness in a bottle (or person)

Race For Life - We Did It!

So today was the big day. Race day. With numbers attached we made our way to the park where it took place. It was raining and I had stomach cramps and I really didn't want to do it. But when we got there I was absolutely blown away by the number of women who showed up! Bearing in mind this was just women from one little town and there were at least two thousand of us. We were all running/walking for the same thing all wanting to achieve the same goal. Everyone was cheering each other on and being so supportive of one another. Reading the 'I Race for Life For' plaques of all the different people really bought home what these events are for. There were lots of 'In Loving Memory Of' and 'For Mum and Dad.' One of the ones that stuck with me the most was a little girl of around 5/6 and hers said 'I Race For Life For My Lovely Grandad Who Lives In Heaven'.....I was nearly bought to tears by this little girl and her determination to run the race. Another one that I remember was 'I Race For Life For James Oliver Who Died Age 10.' It just goes to show that no matter who you are or where you are cancer can effect everyone and anyone...I don't think there is anyone who hasn't/isn't/or will be affected by cancer at some point in their lives. This is such an amazing charity that saves so many lives and it deserves every ounce of support people can give.

We had such good fun with all the girls of Southport and I am so proud of all the girls who ran with us. WAHOOO!

If you would like to sponsor/donate to Cancer Research please visit their website http://www.cancerresearchuk.org/

Next year I plan to run the whole way and raise as much money as I can for this fantastic charity. Now to start training for next year!!