Weekly Wednesday

Things Ive Loved This Week....


I went to watch Thor this week, was rather good :) (will review on Sunday)


This Easter was a Unicorn Easter :) I got two Unicorns both from nana (not real ones obviously :P)


I went to Grandpa and Jennys this week and there were hundreds of lovely little lambs running around...so cute!

Kissing Gate

This beautiful sight made me go all gooey inside haha...I just thought It looked so romantic with the blossom

Walking In The Hills

I love walking in the hills and this week I got to do just that :)

Walking Bare Foot

I wondered round the garden this week bare foot in the sun and looked at all the ladybugs and dandelions


These gorgeous bluebells popped up in the garden this week. Was a lovely sight

Harry Potter

This week I finally finished Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire! This makes me happy...

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