Weekly Wednesday

This week has been a little hectic. Dad went for an operation so he has been off his feet all week and me being a lovely daughter :P has been his person slave all week...haha its not been that bad...I've actually enjoyed looking after him...I think between Sarah and I we make a good care unit...but with Nana too I can imagine having three girls asking if your all right every 10 Minuit's getting very annoying!

So things I've loved this week....

My Doc Martens

I love my Doc's! Especially my boots....but its summer now and they've gone into summer hibernation.

My Clothes

Since I got back from Uni my room has been a mess and I finally put all my clothes away this week :D Look at all my pretty dresses!


To celebrate dads return I made his favourite....Lemon Drizzle Cake (recipe can be found on my other blog http://littlelollyscraftycakes.blogspot.com/)

The Fish

My fish are cool! Sadly the one the far left is a little poorly but I've been sat watching them loads this week (probably cause I'm slaving away in the kitchen and that's where they live :P)

My New Skirt

Isn't it beautiful :D My new baby. Luke bought it for me...It ends just below my knee and is rather poofy!


I haven't seen Flik in ages. So when I went to mums to cook her tea I played with her for a while.


My favourite tree is a Blossom tree and I'm lucky enough to have one in my garden and it bloomed this week! I hope the wind doesn't blow too hard so it stays there a tad longer.

Finally Finishing 2nd Year

I was so glad to finish 2nd year Uni this week. such a relief, but cant wait to start 3rd year now!

Dads Amazing Sunburn!

This is totally gross! Dad got a tad sunburned on holiday....LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT BEAST!

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