Weekly Wednesday

Things I've loved this week...

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1

I was so excited to own HP7! And even more excited that my pre-ordered copy came 2 days early! Wahooo!

Lunch In The Sunshine

Luke made sausage and bacon butties and we ate them outside in the sun with a lovely cup of tea and watched the Pigs jump around their run

My Beautiful Mirror

Iv had this gorgeous mirror in storage for ages and I finally put it in its rightful place this week....Isn't she a beaut :D

Tidying my room

Finally putting up my angel mobile had it for years and never had chance or place to put it up

Also finally put up all my lovely flowers and incense around my CD player!

Eating Candy Floss

Ive not had candy floss in years and I had a sudden craving for it on saturday....so we got some :D

Walks in the park

I went to the park with my cousin Bex and her beautiful baby boy Elliot...he loved the ducks :)

Looking after the Pigs

This week Dad and Sarah went on holiday so I was Left to house and animal sit...I loved sitting out in the sun and watching the pigs play

Top Hats

I finaly got a Top Hat!! After years of wanting and searching!

Happy Times with Mum

Going to Liverpool with mummy and buying scary masks :D

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