Weekly Wednesday

(non of the pictures are mine, unless stated otherwise...no credit to me)

This week I have loved...

Jared Leto
(I love 30 Seconds to Mars and Mr Leto with his short hair is rather yummy)

Blanket Forts
(I was transported back to child hood this week when I had a sudden urge to make a blanket fort....didnt have enough blankets tho :/)

Feathers In My Hair
(Im having a bit of a hair crisis this week...I have no idea what to do with it next. I just know I want feathers!!)

Chocolate Celebrations
(My Nana found a box of celebrations under the bed from Christmas! Yummy....there all gone now!)

Jessie J
(I love Jessie J! I think shes sooo cool! And I love the song 'Price Tag'...TUNE!)

Biffy Clyro
(Iv always been a fan of Biffy Clyro but not listend to them in ages and I heard a song in passing this week and was just reminded how good they are...it made my day a happy day)

Reading In The Sun
(Summer is my favourite season just becuase I can go sit in the park and read a book and have a picnic)

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