Top Masks and Scary Hats

Me and Mum went to Liverpool today...was such a fun and lovely day!
We went for Starbucks and found a new app for the phone that makes such cool pictures!

So we had some fun with that :D

We went and bought scary lady masks, which were hilarious!

Then we went to and amzing Vegetarian/Vegan cafe called The Egg. We had cheese on toast and Humous...yummy!

We went to Quiggins and tried on funny hats which was hilarious! This one was like a riding hat with a sort of horn on it....very bizzar!

I tried on Top Hats....I BOUGHT ONE!! I've wanted a Top Hat for soooo long! Now I finaly have one!! Im so excited hahaha!

I had such a fantastic day with my mummy and we had such a laugh! A very good and promising start to the summer!

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