Themed Thursday

(Photos not mine, unless otherwise stated....no credit to me)

Todays theme is pink :)

I have to guinepigs and when I saw this I thought it was the cutest thing ever!
If I liked modern minimalist interior design this would be what my living room would look like...but as it is I'd have to have a lot more...'junk' haha (love the walls!)
This house is AWESOME!
My favourite plant/tree is the cherry blossom. There are several down my road and its just the right time of year for them to start blossoming....my favourite thing about beeing home.
The only roses I like are the soft rose ones...I think they are so pretty and they just make me feel warm inside :)
I've not had candy floss in ages but I think this summer I shall invest in some teeth rotting clouds :) It's just so pink!
I want these shoes so bad!! The bows are just too cute!
I tried one of these new Krispy Kreme doughnuts the other day and they are scumptious! and sparkly!
These cute little plush candy floss just made me 'awww' made by Scrumptious Delight
This girls make-up is amazing! LOVE the eyelashes!

This is the colour hair I want...currently is sort of orangy pink so I think I need to dye it blond again and put some Carnation Pink on it.

This Ted Baker dress is gorgeous from ASOS

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