Sci Fi Sunday

This week I went see Thor twice!

Its such a good film. I thought It was a bit boring the first time round and It was very bright and gold so I had a hard time making it out but the second time round was great! I love the story and the characters (especially Heimdall the guardian sentry of Asgard)

Chris Hemsworth was really good as Thor. He reminded me a lot of Heath Ledger, His smile and his general look, hopefully he will turn out to be a promising actor like Ledger was turning out to be.

I thought Tom Hiddleston was great as Loki. I loved the character and was kept guessing about his role in the story. Im still not sure if he was truly bad or he just got it wrong unintentionally.

Natalie Portman was fantastic, as usual. I loved her normal girly side and glad we got to see that, as most of the films shes been in recently have been serious ones (haven't seen Your Highness yet)

I thought all the references to the other members of The Avengers was clever and the references to the Mythology behind Thor where nice to hear by those familiar to it.

The only problem I had really was the brightness of the film. It was very gold and yellow and the scenes set it Asgard where a bit too glare-y, but thats just my person preference (because I get headaches with bright flashy films.)

Over all the film was great. It was visually pleasing and the visual effects where fantastic! The funny bits made me laugh and I cant wait to see The Avengers now...But Captain America next!!

(I just realized I posted this on a Saturday...I thought it was Sunday....Fail!)

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