Sci Fi Sunday

New Harry Potter pictures were released this week!! It got me so excited for the movie in July!I'm literally bouncing of the walls I'm so excited!

Mr and Mrs Harry Potter!! there make up is so good but they look a little older than what I imagined them to be...they both look a little jowly.

Mrs Harry Potter with her two sons! Arn't they so cute!

Go Nevil! This is one of my favourite bits in the book! Nevil finaly makes his parents proud and shows everyone how amazing he is!!

Also this week saw the new series of Doctor Who come to our screens! I was so excited that I actually forgot it was on....So with the amazingness that is Sky plus and dads intuitiveness to set it to record, I sat down and watched.

Was a very good episode, and the aliens where super scary! I cant wait for the next part. I found myself not liking the Doctor though haha! I liked the older version of him and when the present day Doc turns up I didn't like him hahaha!

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